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​Delivery Service

CANNALUV is a non profit organization, we believe in social responsibility,  while providing members with extraordinary professional service to high quality medical grade cannabis. Introducing a new standard of excellence in the industry - upholding all local regulations and state laws.  Compliments to our professional botanist who take pride in what organic stands for and blessing the community with a variety of lab tested cannabis strains, artisanal chocolates,  and edibles for the medical marijuana patients.

Community Analysis


"Best CANNABIS out there! THEY really care about   their patients and making sure that I'm always satisfied!" 


- Julianna, Patient 

"Must have services, I tried new strains I have never seen before. Thanks again [CANNLUV], you're a favorite!" 

 - Chris, Patient

​​"Thank you for the super fast delivery!  

The name says it all." 

- Kyle, Patient